Top Movies Analysis

Graphic “Rating Score of Top Movies” uses treemap to display rating classified by genre with larger area as higher gross score. On one hand it show the quantity of genre among top one, on the other hand, it indicates the popularity of genres. Graphic “Movie Top 250” shows all movies released after 1980 sorting by year. We can observe visually that recent movies in recent 20 years appeal people more. Graphic “Movie Top 250 – genre by year” illustrates trend of each genre by year. Drama, action, adventure, comedy, mystery, thriller appear an upward trend in recent 20 years.

There is a year filter for all data as well. Compared top movies before 1980 and after 1980, older ones more belong to traditional types like war, roman and history while new ones are more of sci-fi, action and fantasy. There is an obvious tendency that technique-related movies grow up a lot and become more popular than before in recent years.

Thus there are three conclusion from graphics above.
1. Movies in the past 2 decades attract more interest.
2. Combining genre rating and genre trend, it is convinced that genres drama, adventure, action, comedy, mystery, thriller have more potential to occupy the market.
3. The new rising genres like Sci-fi, action and fantasy, need relatively good technique support which develop quite quickly these years.

After collecting and rearranging the genre data from imdb, eliminating invalid items like TV series, TV shows, etc., number of genres of movie were rated and visualized into a pyramid and pie chart in order. From the accurate statistics and percentage we can uncover the movie genre productivity in general.

Generally, it is easy to find that with long film history people enjoy short, drama and comedy movies more often. Without doubt, short film is on the first place because of its short time cycle and low cost for production. It is a good way to publicize the movie art and gain money. Moreover, if short and film-noir movies are eliminated, drama comes to the top, which stresses that drama plots play an essential role for a movie. Excellent script can gain good reputation, praise and income. As for comedy, it only indicates that movies offer joyous time to audience, who come to cinema for fun most of time.

Given the top 250 data, from genre score rating, popular ones like adventure, thriller, crime, action, fantasy, sci-fi, unexpectedly occupy small proportion of overall movies. These kind of films seem quite more outstanding than others in recent years, representing a new huge hit in movie field. Movies being fond of by people turn exciting in effect and miraculous in plot.

**All raw data were derived from IMDB.