Project Introduction


The project objective is to analyze why the released movies were popular or not and predict the box office/popularity of the coming movies with reasons through analyzing and visualizing movie data in the past decades such as ranking, actors/actresses, directors, movie keywords and box office etc. To analyze the international movie trend, it is required to analyze and visualize the data such as movie genre, cast, audience preference and related box office etc. The whole process helps us to make prediction for the popularity of the coming movies.

The project covers a pretty wide range of movie data, top movies and genres, several movie awards and related attributes like country, gender, genres, movie cast of recent years, movie box office and movie related words such as title, plot keywords, etc. All data were derived from network database or statistic, like imdb, the numbers, boxofficemojo, etc. and we download raw data from their database or extract data by programs. All data were processed into different specified formats according to visualization tools, for instance, Tableau, JavaScript (Highcharts, d3), Gephi, Cloud Word, etc. A number of visualization methods are used to better present meanings and discover new insights, pie charts, line charts, bar charts, treemaps, maps, bubbles, pyramid, tag cloud and so on and so forth.

From the following visualization and analysis finally we would find out audience preferences in recent years, including genres, cast, areas, content, which accounts for the past appealing movies and helps with explanation for popularity of coming movies.

Top Movies Analysis

On behalf of popular movies, top 250 rating data up to September, 2016 were derived from imdb database. From the standpoint of top movies within 3 decades, combined with genre data, aims are to find out genre feature of popular movies.

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Movie Award Analysis

  • Awards by Genre & Country

  • Awarded Genres by Country

Cast & Box Office

Cast Value Exploration from Data

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Star Cooperation

Movie Keywords

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Movie Big Trend Feature

Under overall consideration in this project, 10 most potential to be popular movies are showed and analyzed.

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